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Engineering Intern

What we’re working on

High-profile data breaches in the last year such as Sony, the US Office of Personnel Management, and Ashley Madison have revealed the growing need for unconventional approaches to data security in the enterprise. Enter PKWARE. Our software, Smartcrypt, moves encryption from the network or disk down to the individual file. Smartcrypt is designed for large enterprises and government entities and is available on all major client operating systems.

About the internship

We expect you to learn a ton while with us. That means solving real problems, shipping real deliverables, and working side by side with us from day one. We’ll look to you for fresh ideas and perspectives while teaching you everything we know. If after three months you don’t walk away with more practical knowledge than you could get from a year of school, then we haven’t done our jobs. This is a paid internship.

Our interview process

Look, we get it. You’re busy. We’re busy. That’s why we strive to make our process fast and easy. This is what it looks like:

  1. Fill out the on-line application form.
  2. We will review all applications and reach out to candidates that pique our interest to schedule a 15 minute phone call.
  3. If there is still a mutual interest, then we get you on-site for an interview. We’ll work together to solve a real business problem of ours, give you a chance to see how we work, and let you take a look at the code you’d be working with.
  4. And that’s it!


Interviewing is tough. Scheduling can be a challenge, transportation can be hard to come by, nerves can get in the way, and things come up that we just can’t predict. Let us be clear - we want you to succeed! We don’t care if your resume has a typo or if you forgot to change the company from Rockwell to PKWARE. If you’re already running on three hours of sleep after school, extracurriculars, and a job, we’ll work with you to find an unconventional interview time. And you won’t find us asking any of those “Tell me about your biggest weakness” questions. Again, we want you to succeed.


Who should apply

We are less interested in your experience than we are in your potential. While possessing the following qualities doesn’t guarantee you anything, it does indicate you’d probably have a good experience with us.


Curious - Our ideal candidates desire to understand the how, the what, and the why. They are happy to do their own explorations on the path to understanding and occasionally find themselves with a few too many open browser tabs of things they need to finish investigating.


Self-sufficient -  Our ideal candidates are ready to blaze their own paths when their questions can’t be answered. The lack of clear direction does not faze them. They are comfortable with asking for forgiveness if permission can’t be asked.


Passionate - Whether it’s building the perfect user experience, advocating for strong crypto, or mastering all those design patterns, our ideal candidates can find something about their jobs that they can be passionate about.

About our platforms

Server / Cloud

The PKWARE private cloud lives in Milwaukee and is powered by VMware vSphere. Our public cloud infrastructure lives at AWS and makes use of EC2, RDS, ELB, S3 and more. Familiarity with these platforms is a core part of development life at PKWARE.


The Android team is consistently on the cutting edge of technology. We picked up Kotlin and Data Binding when they were still in beta and supported Android M the day it was released. We strive to be good citizens on the platform, adhere to established design patterns, build Android-specific features, and optimize for the mobile user. We’re big believers in open source and libraries, explore many architectural patterns, and make sure to never stop learning or improving our code. We code in Kotlin and Java, have an extensive suite of tests, both instrumentation and unit (we use Espresso and Robolectric), maintain our own devops infrastructure, and try to automate every step of our process.


The iOS project strives to be a user-friendly rock-solid enterprise application. Written in Objective-C, Swift, and C++, the iOS project gives you the opportunity to work with all the languages you’ll encounter during iOS development. We adhere to Cocoa design patterns, and make frequent use of open source libraries to fix common problems and pain points with iOS frameworks (eg. Keychain). We have a growing suite of unit tests and are looking to connect our unit tests to our CI environment.


It’s Mac. Which means It Just Works™.


Our Windows product is our oldest and most feature filled. Written in C++, it has been deployed to millions of desktops and servers around the world.

Testing and DevOps

We pride ourselves on the ability to do things fast. Using automation in testing and deploying allows us to focus on the important things, like pizza. Everyone on the engineering team writes code, but our quality interns are writing code to test code or deploy code.



PKWARE provides equal employment opportunity for all employees and applicants for employment without regard to race, sex, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, veteran status, membership in the national guard, state defense force or any reserve component of the federal or state military forces, age, non-relevant arrest or conviction record, use or nonuse of lawful products off the company's premises during non-working hours, or other characteristic protected by law.


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Extra Credit

Send a PGP encrypted e-mail to with your favorite flavor of doughnuts for your first day.

Need Type: Employment
This Need is ongoing
Agency Requirement: >18 years old