Who We Are

Established in 2011 That Salsa Lady™ (TSL) Is A Family Owned Artisan Enterprise creating fresh gourmet salsas. We also create gourmet tortilla CHips. We are the only company of its kind. We would love to have folks like you find out what we are about for a summer, a season or more. 

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What We Do

2016 marked the completion of our micro farm located in urban Milwaukee. Aptly named HOOD RANCH, sitting on 1/2acre of land we use over 80% rainwater and added honey bees to assist in pollinating our crops. Our specialty is growing local ingredients which we use to create gourmet salsas. To compliment our salsas we also make gourmet tortilla CHips. 

That Ranch grows a range of vegetables, hot peppers, watermelon, herbs and more. It utlizes almost 100% rainwater to irrigate our crops. 2016 marks the first season we will share our land. We shall not only grow specialty items for local eateries, but also allow others to do the same for themselves, their business or more!

We also created a multigenerational group called S.A.G.G.N. aka Salsa Agent Generational Garden Network. Its goal is to connect youth and their elders be it older siblings to mom, dad, grands and great grands together in the garden. SAGGN was started in part with a small grant from a local foundation. 

Although we work extremely hard, we work harder at working smarter. We enjoy what we do and as we learn and grow we share our experience, ideas, ideals and more with others who may also benefit.  

Our ultimate goal is to create an urban food incubator which works in unison with the Global Water Center where we have a place for anyone with a viable food idea to start, maintain and grow their business. They do this by utilizing the local infrastructure from water to waste and everything in between. Transforming Milwaukee into the premeire place to not only start but grow a food business then REPEAT!

We are eager to have you join in on our flava and FUN!

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Agency Photos

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Contact Information

Address Information
4144 N 47th Street
Milwaukee, WI 53216
Contact: ANGELA MORAGNE (more-rainy)
Contact Title: Founder-COO
Phone: 414 502 9091
Fax: 844 488 5678
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